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Humber Bridge Country Park Management Plan

The Humber Bridge Country Park is a popular haven for people with a network of paths meandering around broadleaved woodland, ponds and both calcareous species-rich and amenity grassland. The tree covered terraces of the old chalk quarry in which the site lies offers a dramatic if small scale landscape much appreciated by newcomers and regular visitors alike. The site is owned and managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

With our past experience of designing and managing multi-use sites, we were selected by ERYC to draw up a new ten year management plan for the country park, which is host to a number of scarce plants, the uncommon white-letter hairstreak butterfly, great crested newts and a wide variety of breeding birds.

The first step was to get to know the site and Sylvia visited during a summer evening when it was busy with families and dog-walkers, followed by a day walking round in the rain with the member of ERYC's Countryside Access Team who have managed the country park for many years. She also held a meeting with the Friends Group who help care for the site.

Armed with all the background information she could gather, Sylvia drew up a comprehensive management plan providing a clear way forward, encompassing visitor enjoyment, safety and environmental education, as well as management of the wildlife habitats present. As the discovery of ash dieback hit the news, the potential loss of the many ash trees within the country park and the implications of this to its management were incorporated.