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Great Crested Newt and Reptile Surveys, Drax Power Station

Frog in a pond

As part of a development at Drax Power Station, Yorkshire, Haycock and Jay Associates was contracted by SKM Enviros to carry out great crested newt and reptile surveys.

Sylvia Jay led a team of four Haycock and Jay trained surveyors in surveying seven water bodies ranging in size from 0.1-10ha, for great crested newts.

The reptile survey covered 15ha using a total of 100 artificial refuges within areas of suitable habitat. Refuges were checked for reptiles on seven occasions during suitable weather conditions (as defined by Natural England) and on each occasion a direct observation survey was also conducted.

A good population of grass snakes was identified on the site and appropriate recommendations on mitigating for habitat damage and loss resulting from the proposed development were offered. The team was delighted to observe water voles at one waterbody, and we promptly alerted the client to the presence of this protected species.