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Scargill Windfarm, North Yorkshire

Client: Arcus Renewable Energy Ltd
Duration: May to June 2011
Areas of survey: Scargill reservoir and environs (approximately 6.3km² Phase 1 habitat survey and 3.2km² NVC survey)
Project manager: Gordon Haycock
Team: Gordon (survey), GIS Technician, Reviewer
Outputs: Survey undertaken and reported on time and on budget

An adder

Haycock and Jay Associates Ltd was commissioned to undertake a Phase 1 habitat survey throughout the 630ha site of Scargill Reservoir, which then informed areas where NVC survey was to take place. Where habitats were of low conservation value (for example improved and semi-improved grassland, conifer plantation, arable land) or were unsuitable for wind turbines (e.g. reservoirs, watercourses), then a Phase 1 habitat survey was considered sufficient. However, where habitats were likely to be of enhanced nature conservation value or were otherwise likely to be regarded as sensitive to disturbance, then a full NVC survey was undertaken.

Phase 1 habitat survey followed the standard JNCC guidelines (1999) and was mapped and reported using standard coding. NVC communities were mapped at community or sub-community level, with mapping of transition communities and intimate mosaics of vegetation types also mapped. In each community representative quadrats were undertaken, and species recorded using the Domin scale. This data allowed the generation of NVC tables informing assessment of the species-richness and character of each vegetation community. Each quadrat was recorded using handheld GPS. In addition to the quadrat data a full species list of all plants encountered in the community was recorded with a DAFOR rating.

We delivered a well-managed project with baseline and NVC survey conducted thoroughly over the required area and reported to the client's specification.

Using our standard risk assessment and lone working procedures were employed, enabling us to deliver the required outputs safely, on time and on budget.