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Ecological services

Advice, surveys, licensing, monitoring and management plans

  1. Bats - Our licensed bat worker Karl Harrison can lead you through the challenges this species can present during site development.
  2. Botanical survey (including bryophytes, aquatic macrophytes and non-native invasive plants) - Our specialist botanical survey is undertaken by Gordon Haycock and Steve Heaton.
  3. Reptiles - Gordon Haycock has a wealth of experience surveying for reptiles, devising mitigation and, where necessary translocating reptiles to well selected receptor habitats.
  4. Great crested newt and amphibians - Gordon Haycock and Karl Harrison are both experienced licensed great crested newt workers. Karl Harrison has extensive experience in the field.
  5. Otter - Sylvia Jay is one of the foremost otter experts in UK undertaking boat-based survey and using camera trapping techniques to confirm otter movements prior to developments.
  6. Water vole - Sylvia Jay is an experienced water vole surveyor with experience of large scale surveys.
  7. Badger - Gordon Haycock has experience of badger survey and mitigation in both small and large schemes.
  8. Crayfish - Sylvia Jay is an experienced white-clawed crayfish surveyor.

Habitats and Assessment
Surveys, monitoring, management advice and plans

  1. Extended Phase 1 / habitat mapping We cater for all sizes of project from small development sites and cycleways to large onshore windfarms and road schemes.
  2. National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Upland habitats, grasslands and coastal sites are our speciality.
  3. Common Standards Monitoring Undertaken on protected sites for upland habitats, fen, marsh and swamp and woodlands.
  4. Appropriate Assessment Ensuring compliance with European Directives on internationally important sites.
  5. Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) Managing and undertaking surveys and reporting for large infrastructure projects including coastal habitats and internationally important sites.
  6. Habitat design Undertaken as part of mitigation schemes and for Country Parks.
  7. Habitat management plans We have produced management plans for a number of Local Authority sites and long distance cycleways.

We excel in completing large scale habitat survey, mapping and assessment.

To ecology professionals and enthusiasts

Including: Protected species survey skills, otter habitat and conservation, water vole survey skills, water vole habitat creation and conservation management, bryophyte identification, botany, and National Vegetation Classification. Courses have been delivered for:

  • Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Natural England
  • Flora Locale
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
  • Yorkshire Dales Rivers� Trust
  • National Amphibian and Reptile Recording Scheme
  • Wharfedale Naturalists Society
  • Friends of Middleton Park, Leeds

Lunchtime talks

We offer free lunchtime sessions giving an overview of protected species legislation and ecological requirements on sites. These popular workshops also allow for discussion of specific projects. Please get in touch to book one for your company if you think you or members of your team would benefit.