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Our values

Our Values

Integrity and Service

Haycock and Jay Associates share a deep commitment to excellence and integrity in our work. We are authoritative professional ecologists who focus on delivering work of exceptional quality with consistent attention to detail. Our clients know that they will receive sound advice and the best possible service, which is personal and professional, whilst being efficient and cost effective.

We embody a client-centred approach, dedicated to your project and we aim to always be approachable, accessible and flexible.

Environmental Impact

We minimise our impact upon the environment as far as possible and our projects are resolutely Carbon Conscious.

Supporting Caledonian forest conservation

Trees for Life: Restoring the Caledonian Forest

As committed environmentalists we assess the environmental impact of all our business activities as a matter of course. Through careful planning we try to minimise the carbon footprint of our projects - for example, Sylvia conducted a Phase 1 survey of 20km of the River Aire corridor in Leeds travelling by bicycle. We choose recycled over new and do our best to minimise waste in our operations.

Of course we acknowledge that in running our business we leave an unavoidable carbon footprint. Whilst we would like to 'offset' our carbon emissions and be carbon neutral', we recognise that this is not truly possible: burning fossil fuels releases carbon that has not been in the carbon cycle for millions of years, thus creating a net increase of carbon in the biosphere. Unfortunately, tree planting is not a short term solution - by the time a tree grows to a size where it can absorb a significant amount of carbon, the COČ we have emitted will already have contributed to climate change.

Instead, we have decided to support Trees for Life who are working to restore the Caledonian Forest over a substantial area. We have started funding our own 'Corporate Grove' of native trees in support of their efforts. We believe that this tree planting and habitat restoration will in part compensate for the unavoidable environmental impact of running our business.

For more details of the valuable work Trees for Life is carrying out, please see their website: www.treesforlife.org.uk.